Ken Tabor

I'm a product-minded software architect with an eye towards design.

My goal is connecting bold opportunities with the technology that makes them real.

I strive to share what I learn, dial in the challenges, highlight trade-offs, and keep an eye on the time.

Let’s do something awesome together! Contact me.

Sabre Developer Relations

Job Findist

  • Metasearch for finding jobs across fifteen major job boards and ten big tech companies all with a single click.
  • Webapp built using serverless architecture
  • AWS: [Route53, ACM, CloudFront, S3], JavaScript (es6), CSS Grid, Sass, webpack, Jekyl

Floating Photos

  • My indy augmented reality photo viewing app for iPhone
  • Available on the Apple App Store now
  • Video recording posted on LinkedIn
  • Swift, ARKit, SceneKit, StoreKit, Xcode, iOS Native

Personal Writing

Public Speaking

Positive Feedback

  • "He focuses on the truly important things: quality, the end users, how to consistently improve."
  • "He inspires others to continue to, grow, improve, do better, and he provides the tools and solutions for practical ways to do this."
  • "His collaboration and teamwork are exceptional in that it extends beyond this organization."
  • "Ken has demonstrated initiative, self-direction, passion, curiosity, and energy."
  • "Any customer engagement that Ken puts his eyes and hands on results in a great outcome."

Collage with Ken

  • My webapp for creating interactive, generative art
  • Inspired by the work of artist Jean Hans Arp
  • JavaScript (es6), HTML, SVG tags, CSS Grid, Sass, webpack, plain vanilla DOM, AWS S3, Route53

Other Works

  • Ongoing education: machine learning (Python, Tensor Flow, NumPy, pandas, cloud services)
  • Made Fresh Coffee (2016) 3D toy - WebGL, ThreeJS, NodeJS, Heroku, AWS DocumentDB, S3 (solo)
  • Three Thumb Island (2014) iOS game - Unity, C#, iOS (2-person team)
  • TripCase (2012-) travel management app - PhoneGap, JavaScript, various libraries (40+ org)
  • Aero Fighters Assault (1997) N64 game - OpenGL, C++, proprietary toolchain (15+ team)
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